Hi, I am Anais, and I am 22 years and it is my pleasure to be here. Yes, I am a live cam girl with my own little heaven on heart, I am broadcasting from my own bedroom,. I am not able to be serious all the time, I have a young vital spirit inside of me, and I am releasing this from time to time. When I am with a man who makes me comfortable  I will always open up and show myself without holding back anything. I am open to finding that one person today, and I am secretly hoping it is you. In my free time, I am trying to make nice photos and be active in nature. I love birds, and cats, although they don’t seem to love each other. I hope you are going to ask me questions that others have not asked me before, I like to talk about myself and explain why I am who I am.

Take my hand, step into my room. All will be perfect, you will love the time we spend together.
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