How to start a session

How to start a session

A perfect start on Hot Adult List.

You have arrived at Hot Adult List, one of the interwebs biggest HQ Rated Live Sex Models Online. We have created this Live Sex Model Listing because there are thousands of cam girls online every hour on many different platforms, and the paradox of choice is not helping anyone to find a perfect match. But years of experience have shown us that we know what kind of model is good for our website visitor, and those are the models who have the highest rating on the following criteria.

  1. Scheduled working – Our model selection are selected on their average hours online and their continuity of the shows. We measure with different metrics the situation of the model room. We can see how many people have lost interest and we can also see how she is acting to her visitors. We have 60+ variables in our algorithms that help us to show you the models that really care for their fans. You can skip hours of browsing and just check the models who are on a higher level!
  2. The length of a private session and the Rating Afterwards – We have a direct insight on the quality of her show and we are able to see the rating she generated, this will give us a fair indication if the model/performer is loving her job 🙂
  3. Updating profile – We think it is important a model aims for perfection, this for her own wellbeing and that of her fans. Updating her profile and perfecting it where needed is a variable we measure, it is important for us to know that our models are aware of their presence online, this means they are responsible (for your wellbeing)

We understand that different people make up for different tastes. And we have for this reason divided the models into categories. This helps you to oversee it better and come faster to a model at your liking. On a monthly bases, we update the site, we add new high rated models, and the ones who have retired will be archived. If you found your favorite model on Hot Adult List, make sure you give her a VOTE, behind her name you can press the VOTE button, this will help her rank better on ours and other websites!

We sincerely hope you have a very nice time on our webcam model directory!

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