Hello, I am Lucy, 22 years, and I am a special kind of lady. Special in the way of expressing myself, being nude and naked is my most comfortable thing to do.  Sex is for me a very special thing, and I have not encountered too many guys who were able to live up to my expectations, and this is very disappointing. Maybe this explains why women do not believe guys right away when they brag about their sexual encounters and experiences. I love to be naked next to a man who has a hard penis and moaning softly my name when I am kissing his chest and lower my hands to his penis and hold it softly in my fingers and stimulating it very slowly. Sex makes me aware of my place on this planet, that’s in my bed on my back with my legs spread and your face kissing and licking my vagina.

Take my hand, step into my room. All will be perfect, you will love the time we spend together.
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