Hi, Selena is my name, let me tell you a secret. How many guys do you know in your circle of friends do really KNOW their wive or partner? How much effort is a guy doing to know his little princess who he is fucking with such a passion 2 times a week?  From my own experience, I can say this is low. Not many guys know what moves women, what makes them wake up, what makes them loyal and deserving of your love. In my room, I challenge you to talk with me, and I will allow you to get to know me better, you will notice there are things in my character that you will not see or feel with anyone else. I will allow you to ask me how I make love, what my favorite position is, but for those who keep asking and never put their hands where their mouth is there is no place for them. Only for the guy who can value me as a treasure and opens me like one!

Let's have some fun, why not? I am here for the same reasons as you are.
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