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  • Hi! I am Ela. I am a warm, loving, joking person with a lot of zest for life. I was born in the sign of Aries and, like any Aries, I love adventures, challenges but, most of all I love intelligence … if you think you are intelligent, challenge me in person. As I am […]
  • Hello. I am Roxo, and I am 48 years. I consider myself a lucky MILF housewife. I am here in my room, feeling happy, free, and stimulated, roller coasting with moments of highs and deep lows. I am a real woman with real emotions, and I respond to the persons with the same karma. When […]
  • Hello, I am Anya, and I am 27 years. Being here is a fucking dream. Being complimented for the breasts that I felt unsafe for while working in a restaurant. The vulgar comments are a thing of the past, cause where I am being naughty, people compliment me in the most sensual way ever without […]
  • Hello, I am Teya, and this is my first week online on KittensLive. I am here being a live cam performer, in training so to say. I am still very new, meaning, I did not have any private meetings yet at the moment of this writing, but I am going to have a few I […]