Hello, I hope you are having a very nice day, my name is Violeta, and I am an innocent person with a great taste for humor.  I love memes that are to the point, sometimes dark is not dark enough, and laughing is a medicine. The world is filled with shit, so when we can not laugh about this what else is there to do? I am here cause I am having a will to please, and wish to discover this emotion deeper with my loving fans. I am known for my deep and dark desires, and I share them with those I trust the most. I am an extrovert in life and explore all my moments in a curious way, nothing is left to coincidence. Every day I want to learn something new, and I am hoping to meet friendly and lovely members in my room who want to experience this journey with me.

I am welcoming you into my own live cam bedroom. Let's play a game together!
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